Vegan Beer Las Vegas

vegan beer las vegas

Vegan Beer Las Vegas

After reading the headline you might be thinking, wait isn’t all beer vegan? Unfortunately, it’s not. While more and more brewers move away from old style filtering with isinglass (fish bladder), there are other things in beer that make it not vegan. Have you ever had a milk stout or creamy beer. Often times lactose is added to certain types of beer for flavor. So, if you aren’t a beer expert how do you know what beer to drink?

Well, the good news is at TACOTARIAN all of our beer is plant based & vegan. Our resident beer expert and co-founder Carlos carefully sources new and exciting craft beers that you can enjoy without having to worry what’s in them. We have a rotating selection of craft beer so you will always find new and interesting finds from Fat Orange Cat, Modern Times, LCB, Beer Zombies, and many others. He sometimes even gets his hands on beer that you won’t find anywhere else in Vegas!

Along with our canned craft beers we have a few rotating draughts as well, again all vegan beer. So come check out which beers we have this week and then come back next week and see which beer we have then! Our craft beer selection impresses newbies and beer geeks alike.

Carlos made a video of his current favorites, have you tried any of these vegan beers yet? He is also available most days at our DTLV location if you have questions about beer or don’t know what to try. From sours to IPA’s to lagers and more, he knows his vegan beer.  Do you have a favorite we don’t carry? Please, let us know in the comments, we love hearing from you.


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