The largest vegan taco in the universe is here to stay

largest vegan taco in the universe


Could you finish the largest vegan taco in the universe?

In November we launched the “largest vegan taco in the universe” or as it’s affectionately called the “giant taco” as a monthly special. It was intended to get people’s attention for world vegan month, and boy did it ever. Since its launch it has been featured in multiple online publications and has racked up thousands of shares on social media.

largest vegan taco in the universe










Now, with the opening of our new location in the Arts District – downtown Vegas, we’ve decided that the GIANT TACO has to stay. With the addition of the largest vegan taco in the universe, it brings our total taco count to 15. That’s fifteen unique tacos on our regular menu. So vegans, bring your friends and see who can finish this bad boy all by themselves. The taco measures 14″ long by 7″ tall and is stuffed with choice of plant- based meat, french fries, nacho cheese, lettuce, pico, crema, guac and cheddar. And yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. This oversized gem is priced at $11.95 is available at both our locations. If you’re feeling boozy, it also pairs perfectly with any of our margaritas. You could even try one of our mezcal margaritas for a nice twist.

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