5 Signs You Might Be a TACOTARIAN


Ok, you might be thinking; what is a Tacotarian?

Now a days it seems like everyone is on some sort of diet. There’s Gluten Free, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan and now this. So what is a tacotarian? Tacotarian’s eat, sleep and breathe vegan tacos, they even do taco cleanses. Are you intrigued? Here’s how to tell if your taco obsession has crossed over in to full blown tacotarianism…


1. You think about vegan tacos at least once a day.

You know those moments when you’re sitting at your desk thinking about lunch, or dinner or both? Well, do those thoughts often go to tacos?


2. You eat vegan tacos at least 2-3 times a week.

You know how most people can never decide where to go for lunch or dinner? Let’s be honest, you don’t have that problem because you only go to places that serve vegan tacos.


3. You are always thinking about creative new vegan tacos recipes.

When you realize you can make new tacos out of almost any vegetable on the planet.



4. When someone says “TACOS’ you break into your taco dance.

Some people do the sprinkler or the mc hammer dance, you probably have a secret “it’s time for tacos” dance.


5.You’ve tried every vegan taco in town more than once

Listen, there’s no shame in the taco eating game, right?













Ok, how did you rank?

1 out of 5- not quite a tacotarian

2 out of 5 tacotarian in training

3 out of 5 probably a tacotarian

4+ out of 5 YOU’RE a tacotarian for life.

Are you a full blown tacotarian or did this post just get your dreaming of tacos?  If you live in Las Vegas you can get your fix of the largest selection of Vegan Tacos in the Universe at our Southwest location and coming soon in DTLV. Tacoholics rejoice!

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