Top Celebrity Animal Advocates- #4 Will Shock You!

Who doesn’t love celebrities? Everything from what they do to what they wear ends up on the covers of magazines or front pages of newspapers. In the US we are obsessed with trying to be like our favorite celebs (yes you with the Jennifer Aniston nose job). But when stars use their powers to do good, it doesn’t always make headlines. These stars have done more than most in the way of animal welfare. Here are our top celebrity animal advocates. These 5 famous people do way more for animals than you do. Maybe it will inspire you to be like them and GET INVOLVED. Can you guess who made the list? Number 4 might shock you.

1. Ricky Gervais

is a well known english comedian. You might not know that he also once aspired to be an 80s pop star, at least according to wikipedia. Ricky is one of the most outspoken people on the list, he regularly takes to twitter to take a stand on almost every animal issue out there. If you don’t follow him on social media you should definitely start. If you offended easily by profanity though, maybe don’t follow him.  “Poaching, trophy hunting, dog torture festivals. Inhumanity everywhere. It sometimes feels like a never ending fight. But let’s fight it anyway.”

2. Paul McCartney

If you don’t know who he is, well, who are you? google him. Probably one of the most famous people   on the planet. Thankfully for the animals Paul has been encouraging people to go vegetarian and vegan for decades. He  regularly works with PETA, HSUS,  and his own meatless Monday Campaign. Rumor has it when you work on tour with  him he doesn’t allow any meat back stage and has vegetarian food catered to the venues. Paul famously coined the phrase “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”

3. Olivia Munn

is best known for her role in the HBO series Newsroom. She’s worked on multiple campaigns with PETA for fur and elephants. “When you look at something like the circus and everyone’s laughing and there’s color and there’s  music and everything seems so great, but when you go right behind that door and they’re in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball … it was just so sickening.” Olivia also recently teamed up with shelter pet project to promote pet adoption with a series of videos.

4. Howard and Beth Stern

are part power couple and part kittie halfway house. Howard is best known for being a radio “shock jock”, those who regularly listen know he’s soften significantly in the last 2 decades. Most attribute that shift to his amazing wife Beth. While most celebs are talking the talk these two seriously walk the walk. In recent years they’ve rescued nearly 1000 cats most of which stay temporarily in their home. They also eat mostly vegetarian and Howard uses his platform of 30 million Sirius subscribers to repeatedly discuss animal welfare, the environment and how it’s “barbaric” to still be eating meat. In fact, he so frequently raves about how great veggie burgers taste, Gardein decided to sign on as a sponsor of his show!

5. Charlize Theron

is an Oscar winning actress and could be the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. She often tops the best dressed lists, but insists that fabulous fashion doesn’t have to equal cruelty. Charlize has worked with PETA on their anti-fur campaigns and works to end the dog fur trade in china. She has also partnered with Best Friends Animal Society on a number of issues. “The Best Friends Animal Society does incredible work by dedicating themselves to promoting kindness towards animals,” says Charlize. “I think their compassion has made such a difference.”

Did these celebrity animal advocates inspire you to do more? What things do you do everyday to help animals? The single biggest impact you can have on the planet and its animals is to eat less meat. Lucky for you it has never been easier with all the amazing vegan food out there. Check out our menu if you feel like having a taco to save the planet.


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