Avocado Straws- Tacotarian sets a new standard for restaurants in Vegas

There are a lot of uses for avocados. You can use them for anything from food to face wash. But, there is one part of the avocado that always seems to get overlooked and that’s the seed. Most of us don’t think twice about scooping about the creamy fruit, throwing it on our tacos and then dumping the seed in the trash. That is until now… in walks avocado straws.

In recent years many restaurants have been moving away from plastic straws. They are difficult to recycle and wreak havoc on the environment. While we have never carried plastic straws, we have tried a number of other alternatives like paper, hay and biodegradable straws. Some of them were ok, but none can compare to the avocado straws.

We are happy to announce we are the FIRST in LAS VEGAS to carry these new age plant powered straws made from the seed of an avocado. Shortly, we will add avocado seed cutlery for our togo orders as well.

Now it’s official, avocados are the most versatile fruit on the planet. (yes, avocados are fruits..duh)

avocado straws

Let’s talk about why AvoPlast Straws are so amazing:

The main raw material in the avostraw is avocado pits, otherwise considered agricultural waste. It’s extremely durable and can be used with hot and cold beverages.

  • It’s made from renewable sources
  • It doesn’t get soggy over time
  • It’s friendly to the environment, it could reduce the plastic pollution from our environment by 60%
  • PBA Free
  • FDA approved
  • Made from 65-70% biomass. The other elements are synthetic organic compounds.


We are always striving to reduce our carbon footprint and we are so excited for this new product. Have you tried them, what did you think?

Do you have another suggestion on ways we can help the environment? Drop it in the comments below. We love hearing from our customers.


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