The Team Behind all those Vegan Taco Dreams


A lot of times when you go to a restaurant, you don’t really care who’s behind it or how it came about. But after opening Tacotarian, we quickly realized that people loved meeting us and chatting about our story while eating a vegan taco.  So instead of hiding behind our brand, we want to be a part of it. Just like we want you to be a part of it. All of your posts, messages and reviews mean a lot to us. In the end, I’m a tacotarian, you’re a tacotarian, we’re all just TACOTARIANS.

vegan tacos
This is our “we’re serious about tacos” face. 


The Back Story

Carlos, Dan and Regina have been part of managing restaurants together for nearly 15 years. During a trip to Mexico City (where Kristen tagged along) everyone was unsure about what vegan eats would be available. Regina grew up in Mexico City and even she was surprised at the ever growing plethora of plant-based options. The trip got everyone excited about bringing the soul of Mexico City to the heart of Las Vegas in a way that no one else was doing.  Then it all unfolded from there.

What’s in a Name?

So what’s a Tacotarian? Well, simply put, someone who eats a WHOLE LOT of plant-based tacos. Really though, it’s more than that. We want people to get excited about eating tacos and about all the flavors our tacos have. We don’t have a shortage of tacos either. Tacotarians can enjoy at least 15 different tacos on any given day, all of which are made from plants. You don’t have to be plant-based or vegan to rejoice over these options.

vegan taco
Nope not models, but we can dream…

The Team

Dan Simmons

Dan has an extensive background in IT, business, restaurants, and finance. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Illinois State University. After college Dan worked for 3 years in the IT industry before making the switch over to the restaurant business. Dan has held management positions in restaurants and a restaurant consulting company for the past 14 years. He has done everything from managing the floor, managing orders and inventories, and overseeing day-to-day operations before settling in on the financial side. The IT background has come in handy as well from time to time. The past few years Dan has spent most of his time crunching numbers, handling the books, payroll, and cash management. Restaurants are his passion, and Tacotarian is his first venture as the managing member of a business.

Regina Simmons

Regina grew up in Mexico City. It is there that she developed her passion for the food and flavors of Mexico. She moved to the United States in 2004 and began working as a hostess in a restaurant. Over the next few years she moved her way up in the industry becoming a front of the house expert, holding every position there before being promoted to a management position.  Regina was a floor manager as well as a banquets/catering manager. Banquets and caterings are her specialty, and she has built systems from the ground up and is truly an expert in that field. Regina has also become a true customer service expert and really knows how to take care of her guests. Regina is married to Dan, and Tacotarian is also her first time as a main shareholder of a restaurant.

Carlos Corral

Carlos Grew up in Los Mochis, Mexico. He moved to the states in 2001 and has resided in Las Vegas ever since.  He has over 17 years of restaurant experience, working every job in the front of the house.  From there he worked his way up through the ranks as a barback, server, bartender, and finally a General Manager. A proven leader he prides himself on training staff and helping them to accomplish their goals in the service industry.  Carlos has mastered many skills along the way, such as implementing health and safety practices, training programs, and supervising a large staff of employees. He has always had a passion for restaurants and has recently become involved in the craft beer community. With his Cicerone certification he loves introducing new and unique craft beers to customers. Carlos and Kristen Have been married 12 years and this is their first restaurant venture as partners and main shareholders.

Kristen Corral

Kristen is an entrepreneur, small business owner and expert digital marketing consultant who grew up in Orlando, FL  She is the founder of the premier pet services company in Las Vegas, Little White Dog Co. and has been involved in vegan and animal advocacy since 2010. She previously served on the board for Nevada Political Action for Animals and currently works with other local animal organizations. While this is her first restaurant venture, she’s always been a foodie. Kristen and her sister’s vegan food blog, Veganized That, was featured in Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine in 2017. She was also recently recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in Business in LV by MYVEGAS magazine.

Now you know a little bit about us. So if you see us say hello, we’d love to hear a little bit about you too. Tacotarian is all about community, friends and family. So grab a taco, a margarita and a friend and we will see you there.

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